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- Wheel Brand
Hummer H3 stock
- Diameter
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
- Suspension modifications
None - stock height - 2wd
- fender modifications
- Tire Sizes
225/55/16 (Goodyear and Bridgestone)
- Any other relevant info
No rubbing. No boring of wheel needed; bolt right on. Overall wheel & tire diameter is pretty much the same as the stock 215/70/14; so no change to the speedo/odometer.

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- Wheel Brand
Centerline 902 Horizon (Sundance Series)
- Diameter
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
- Suspension modifications
2" Belltech spindles, 3" blocks.
- fender modifications
- Tire Sizes
Hankook Ventus HRII 225/50/16's
- Any other relevant info
Lowered for 10+ years, then raised it back up. See below!

- Wheel Brand
Volk Rays TE37 (Nismo Volk/Rays) (14.4lbs!!)
- Diameter
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
- Suspension modifications
Stock height, KYB shocks
- fender modifications
- Tire Sizes
Falken Ziex ZE-612 225/60/16's
- Any other relevant info
Hideous center caps.

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- Wheel Brand
5 spoke titan/ armada
- Diameter
- Width
- Offset/Back spacing
??? i dont know
- Suspension modifications
2" Belltech spindles+ torsioned bars, 4" blocks.
- fender modifications
4x4 fenders up front, rolled rear
- Tire Sizes
Sumitomo 225-40-18
- Any other relevant info
toxic drop shocks all around

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Road Hazard
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Year and model of your truck: 1984 720 2wd 5spd King Cab
Suspension: Bagged, or static drop? Stock
Bodydropped? No
4wd fenders? No

Wheel in question (brand, style): 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser- 4x4 hub center
(The wheels pictured have stock center bore size. These will also fit Hardbody V6 hubs.)
Size (diameter x width): 17" x 7.5"
Offset or backspacing: 4.5" backspacing
Tire size: 205/40-ZR17

Difference from stock tire size:
The stock tires on the stock 14" steel rims are about 1/2" larger than the 17" FJ's with 40 series tires. If you want the 17" FJ tire size to match the stock size, I would recommend a 45 series tire instead of the 40 series tire. This would give you near identical speedometer readings. Maybe even a 50 series would be good depending on the tire. I've heard they can vary in overall sizes.

Tire stretch:
The 205 is a great choice for just a little stretch on the 7.5" FJ wheels. A 210-215 would be close to a straight sidewall. 220 just barely poking over the rim, etc. This is all based on the 40 series tire. I think if you went up in height it might lessen the stretch on the wheel just a tad.

I'm not slammed but trust me these tuck:

Backspacing is perfect with no rub:

They are about 1/4" from being flush with the fender. All they need is mag style lug nuts that fit a Toyota but have Nissan threads. (Toyota has 1.5 pitch and Nissan has 1.25). Easy to find online and cost around $70 shipped.


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- Wheel Brand
Chrome Eskies
- Diameter
- Width
- Suspension modifications
2" Spindles, bagged
- fender modifications
4x4 fenders up front
- Tire Sizes
- Any other relevant info
'01 Silverado rear axle narrowed. No rear wheel well flaring, grafting, or rolling
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'86 Hardbody SE V6 4x4
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- Brand: American Racing AR62 Silver Outlaw II
- Diameter: 15"
- Width: 8"
- Backspacing: 3.750"
- Susp. mods: None. Stock 4x4 Susp.
- Fender mods: Stock with factory flares.
- Tire size: 235/75R15
- Any other relevant info: Not anything fancy, just running stock tire widths with aftermarket wheels.


'86.5 Nissan D21 SE-V6 4x4 Ext Cab
FS5R30A trans / HG43 axle / VG30i

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- Wheel Brand: 2004 Titan Pro X
- Diameter: 17"
- Width: 7.5
- Offset/Back spacing: 30mm i believe
- Suspension modifications: Front spindles and torsion / Beltech Drop Leafs
- fender modifications: None
- Tire Sizes: 225 45 17

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Wheel Brand
Nissan Pathfinder Alloy Wheels
Offset/Back spacing
+20mm / 122mm
Suspension modifications
N/A Factory Stock
Fender modifications
N/A 2WD Factory Stock
Tire Sizes
225/65/16 (27.5" rolling diameter)

1988 D-21/Z24i 2wd Rustbucket
"Rusty" (what else??)

Rusty's Resto-Modify Log: http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/...ad.php?t=28586
Rusty's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005952885829

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90s chevy 2500 van 17" wheels fit after i bored out hub
v6 hb model i had
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Summit 84
4 inch back space
-12mm offset
265/75 tires measure at 31.5" tall 11.5" wide
Suspension is worn out
Intense rubbing


Spending money I don't have on parts I don't need to impress people I don't know.
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