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Scott Turchin
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Default Best exhaust kit?

I want to replace my ENTIRE exhaust system, at one shot.

Prefer a kit, I want quality, not worried about cost.

Not sure if I want or need a header but tell me your experience!!
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I don't think I've ever come across an exhaust kit, unless you want stock.

Basically, find a header and go to an exhaust shop.
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Default exhaust

I had a manifold gasket leak, and most of the exhaust was due for replacement.
used walker pipe from the manifold out.
front pipe

intermediate pipe
cat convertor.
i also reused the muffler resonator and tail pipe section from a truck i had junked. (That was BOSAL). Everything went together, no problem.

I sourced from various sellers online and the local parts store based on pricing. (Amazon,Advanced,rock auto) I also replaced all the hangers, insulators and gaskets. Less than $200. So look around for discounts.

You'll also need studs (3) for the manifold/ pipe connection.

If you're going to replace the front pipe, order the egr tube from the manifold to exhaust. It's a bitch to remove, so I just cut everything away and removed the tube from the manifold side.

Hope this helps.
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