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Originally Posted by highest_vision View Post
My lower radiator hose doesn't get hot unless I'm spending extensive time in four wheel low. It makes my decreasing heat output from the heater core I mentioned in another thread much more noticeable. I don't like this arrangement, but I agree with Cusser that there is probably nothing wrong. I have found that a winter front helps when it is below 0*F for extended time periods. For whatever reason, the radiator seems to cool off significantly by the time the thermostat opens.

I think I meant to post this in your other thread, sorry if I reposted here.
Sometimes I think these things are practically air cooled. I doubt my thermostat is even open most of the time during normal operation, especially this time of year. One of the cool things about old vehicles like these is that you can actually see the thermostat opening and closing on the temp gauge. If I'm going uphill with a load in the back sometimes the gauge will creep up to about a needle width before the halfway point then the thermostat opens and it drops back down to 1/3 of the way up almost instantly. If the thermostat is opening at 170 degrees like it's supposed to I imagine the engine runs slightly below that most of the time.

To the OP...I too doubt there is anything wrong with your cooling system but it never hurts to check. If you use a cheap meat thermometer and find that it's not actually warming up at all it's probably just a worn out thermostat. But verify that before throwing any parts at it.

Sometimes it's hard to get it to "burp" just sitting there idling. What I do sometimes is fill it up till it stops bubbling then take it out for a spirited drive to get it nice and hot and top it off later after the engine has cooled down. Most of the time when it burps it only takes in a quart or two, and if the system holds two gallons being a quart low isn't enough to make it overheat. Do be mindful of the temp gauge while you're doing this.
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