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Default Former SCCA Rallycross Hardbody Racetruck Rebuild

Most of you remember that some friends and I build and raced this truck last year.

What started out as this...

...was transformed into this...

Then un-speakable happened...my buddy was injured when the truck decided to finish the last corner of the last lap (lap #40 that day)with a 360.

My buddy lost a serious amount of flesh from his left arm when it went through the drivers door glass. Lucky he didn't lose any motor skills or muscle and has since returned to work restoring classic and famous cars at Riters Restorations with his most recent personal build being a 1979 Datsun 620 gasser. Well I was given the black truck for being a good friend and to rebuild into some kind of crazy autocross truck.

Fast forward a year and the truck has just been sitting around the yard only moving when I need to mow the grass around it. I have taken the battered fenders off and that's about it.

It still starts, runs and drives under its own power.

The BIG news is that I just got permission from a friend to use a spot in his heated garage to work on it this Winter. This includes cutting out the core support and inner fenders. Doing some housekeeping and getting it ready for new painted panels. The truck shall live again except with a twist...this is my future autocross truck.

Even with 4wd it's wayyyyy peppier than either of my 2wd trucks, it can light up a set of 31's.

And with the z'd frame and other little goodies the frame sits low, we slammed a 4WD low! She handles, I drove it hard at the track, she screws.

So the plan is to fix it up and get it back on the road. Fix the bed sides, replace the fenders, panel paint it and another HB goes back to making people happy. This thread will chronicle these events over the next few months.

Thanks for looking!
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