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I have better luck searching Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

There is 1 junk yard in town, and it still has the same picked over trucks that it had 5 years ago.

There was a 1999 Frontier with a V6 that I asked to buy from them, but they said I could only buy parts off of it. That truck is still sitting there. It could have supplied me with the VG33e, a newer 5-speed, 4x4 parts, higher geared rear end, upgraded brakes and suspension, and nice interior seats and stuff.
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LKQ will sell them to the frame but not whole. The last few trucks have been complete, which makes me think they are estate buys or repoed vehicles. They don’t sit there very long. They don’t last 6 months. I might go snag the blue column cover and the glove box tomorrow. I need to check out the rear bumper on the one added today. The pictures do not tell the tale about dents.
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Originally Posted by cadillacdude1975 View Post
Funny how these LKQ yards go from nothing to loaded.
Cadillacdude - are any of those trucks 4x4?
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