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Default Older Pro-4x or newer SV?

The wife and I are going to need a 4-door vehicle very soon. She just bought a new V6 Mustang in October, so our only option seems to be selling/trading my 25k-mile 2008 Bullitt.

Option 1:
The local dealer has a CPO 2017 SV 4x4 with only 3k miles. I checked the vin decal and the truck was built in January, so it should have plenty of warranty left, plus the CPO. The only thing is it's pretty much a base SV with a moonroof. They have the truck listed at $26,999, and have almost that in it(or so I was told by a friend).

Option 2:
Another dealer(not Nissan) has a 2015 Pro-4x with the luxury package(leather, moonroof, roof rack) with under 40k-miles. They have it listed at $25,999 and I don't know how much they have in it or will go down.

Option the 3rd:
The Nissan dealer seems to think they can sell me a new 4x4 cheaper than the CPO one. But the CPO is odd with the moonroof. If they can dealer locate an SV with a moonroof, I'd be in; but those seem rare for whatever reason (hell, 4x4 is rare around here).

My wife thinks I'd be happier with the Pro-4x, but the SV seems to be the better value.
I could always add Bilsteins, Pro-4x wheels, and skid plates myself. But the Dana 44 and all the options of the fully loaded truck would be missing.

What would you all do?
I'm not a buyer for the Pro-4x unless they come down a bit. 40k-miles has no warranty, and a new one realistically wouldn't be much more than their list price.
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