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Scott Turchin
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Default Slop on front shaft?

I've had a wobble I've been chasing for a while now.
1996 4WD
So after checking the obvious, alignment, brakes, tires etc....I went to the wheel bearings.

While changing out my brake pads today, went from organic to ceramic, I decided to re-snug my front left bearing where the wobble is coming from.
Pads only had 7k on them maybe...

After removing the C-clip and the hub switch I saw that the front axle had about 1/16" play in it....is that because I had it all loose?

The entire half-shaft felt loose in there.

So I built a spanner wrench and did the tighten, loosen, re-snug thing on it...
Not as noticeable after re-tightening bearings down but there's still a little there.

It was *almost* gone at 40mph after this so not sure if my Chinese rotors did it or the brake pads...

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The Gear Jammer
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My pathfinder had a little axle shaft wiggle. It wasnt much, but it does wiggle a little.
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I know on those chinese rotors if they are warm and you hit water they can warp
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