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Default PROJECT SACRILEGE: you'll likely hate it buwahhah but that's the point

Project sacralige... 94 xtra cab v6 frame already bagged notched n grounded. keeping yota axle, yota front suspension. reusing the link arms, wheels (for now), dual 380c's, five gal stainless tank... V6 Motor n tranny sold. The rest is on the frame table being measured for the jig... to be replaced with a complete 2x3 steel custom frame to my design specs by offroad addiction..
Plans in works right now:
Full 2x3 steel chassis core to tail w/ pocketed forward link mounts, all keyed together brackets gussets and mounts. Sano Bag on bar/frame sandwich, frenched bolt and airline access, axle moved back to accommodate standard cab bed rather than goofy xtra cab bed. 2" 'z' in front section.. will accommodate 27" overall diameter tires all the way around. Strut rod delete. Shock relocate. Powdercoat, fuel cell. airlift d2500s. Little larrys four play. changing from 1/2" to 3/8" lines.... 97 4Runner firewall forward sheet metal headlights n grille. 4Runner tailgate, power window moved to back of cab. Nissan king cab and standard cab bed 2dr pathfinder fender graft. If a head or two ain't scratched or if everybody likes it I did it wrong:: my truck!!
Update:::: as with most things in life change happens.... above is what it was gonna be:::::
Now it's still getting the 4Runner grill headlights and sport hood, now with Tacoma fendergraft instead and 96/97 tacoma 4wd bumper and 2wd valance which deletes bumper lights. And instead of Sfbd I went traditional 3.5" and 240sx irs. Flat bed floor with just the body drop. Still debating on the tailgate, no more roll down back window, the only thing I used off the Toyota frame that lit the fire under my ass to get started finally was the hubs for the front five lug swap and I'll use the 7gal air tank

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Welcome to infamous Nissan, I look forward to seeing pics
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Welcome to IN! Im ready to see this.
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Have any pictures of what it looks like now? Sounds like an interesting project. Welcome to IN!
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Cant wait for progress pics!
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Humm does sound interesting, waiting for pics as well.
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87 Nissan Pathfinder...on hold... , 93 Nissan Pickup Long Bed.....needs help!!!
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Sounds cool, interested to see how the rear window will work
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in for progress here. Yea, your bastardizing a Nissan. Still...sounds like a real fun build.
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sounds like a cool build, but one question. why the 2" Z? nissans from what i remember dont need to be Zed to lay flat like a toyota and some others do. just curious.
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