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Default Hood and roof faded, worth doing anything?

Just what the title says. I have a '93 HB and the roof and hood have faded pretty badly. The hood especially, as it appears to have completely lost any color near the center. I'm not wanting to put in more than a couple hundred dollars to remedy this. Since this is a somewhat common issue on older vehicles, I wanted to see what other people have done, or if they decided against doing anything.
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I'm not sure what you can do honestly. If the paint is faded, you can try a good cut and buff and see if some color comes back out of it. The paint should be a base/clear, so it's doubtful.
If you want a cheaper fix, the rustoleum paint job yields descent results. If you can get a color close to your factory color, you could do the hood and roof only.
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Just Googled rustoleum paint jobs and it looks like it'll be worth a shot when I have some free time. I don't necessarily need my 23-year-old pickup to look showroom quality, and I didn't want to waste time on an ugly Kryon coverup either. It's the perfect compromise.
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On my former 94 Pathfinder which was black, I painted the hood with gloss black from Ace Hardware, it came out pretty good:

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RAttle can isnt the best but can yield decent results if prepped, sanded and primed before painting it. Only other way to do it is to have it professionally painted.
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Back in 1994 when I bought my 1988 Mazda B2200 truck, the paint was fine except for the hood and roof. I called places such as Maaco, and the price to paint just those sections was more than an entire re-paint job. I asked if I could pay the entire-truck price and they could "forget" to do the other sections, no dice.

So my friend, who has painted vehicles before but no longer had compressor or equipment, suggested I could get like 5 or 6 cans of automotive paint put into aerosol cans by local autopaint store, and he would paint those 2 sections. It turned out $&*%%*#$%&(%$ good, the skill is in the spraying person, to get it even and shiny.

There are automotive paint suppliers online, and I've used one, automotivetouchup.com
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I e heard of folks wrapping them with vinyl. I couldn’t guess what it costs, but I’ve seen some sweet results.
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i have seen a few that were painted with the rhino bed liner stuff. they didnt look too bad either.
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also consider if you live in arizona or where its constantly sunny do something about it.

washington, or like alaska. fuck it.
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