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Default Exterior Door Handle Repair

Sup Folks Today I am going to show you one method of Repairing a broken door handle.

I learned this technique from Youtube thanks to ScottysDetailing
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5MzED75PG4 )

Total cost: about 27 cents in materials
4 Q-tips
Cap full of Rubbing alcohol
1" of plastic welding rod

This technique can be adapted to work on any plastic pieces that have broken and need repair.

Tools Needed
Rubbing Alcohol
Soldering Iron
Cork (or something to hold resistance against the spring)
Plastic welding rods ( http://www.harborfreight.com/50-piec...ods-41602.html )
10 mm wrench (small)
door panel removal tool
Phillips head screw driver (+)



First we need to take off the door handle. To do this you need to have your window rolled all the way up and remove your door panels. Unscrew the door lock, use a Phillips head screw driver to unscrew the screw on the interior door handle and slide it backwards towards the door latch, there will be three more screws under that door handle so unscrew them.

Next we will remove the window roll down switch, simply pop off the switch housing and unplug the connector. Then pop off all the hold clips and gently pull off the door panel.

Next we will take off the exterior door handle.

You will have two 10 mm nuts holding the door handle in place.
Use your 10mm wrench to unscrew these fittings and take off the plastic anchor.

To take off the handle you will need to remove a plastic clip that is holding a pin to the handle. Just slip the clip over the little curve on the pin that goes through it and it will slip out with some wiggling.

Now you have successfully removed the door handle.

Now go to your workshop
*tools needed
Soldering iron
Rubbing Alcohol
Plastic welding rods
Cork (or something to counter act the spring on the door handle)

Repairing the plastic backing.

You are now going to clean all the contaminants off of the working area.
Use Q-tips and rubbing alcohol to clean on and all around the mating surfaces.
Important Make sure there is no lint, dirt, or oils on the mating surfaces.

Connect your soldering iron and let it warm up while you manipulate the plastic pieces.

wedge some cork on the springy side of the door handle to hold it a little bit in the open position.

Now comes the part where we join the plastic pieces together. Think of it as a puzzle. Make the pieces fit as best as they can.

Clean your soldering iron with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to take off the contaminates and just tack weld the plastic pieces together in a few spots where the little crack is to hold the plastic in place.

Now delicately drag the soldering iron across the damaged area to melt a nice little "trench" between the two pieces and fill it back in using the soldering iron. This will bond the two pieces together. Think of digging a a little trench and then filling it back in with the melted plastic. You can use the plastic welding rods to fill in gaps or to add support in weak points. Just put the stick on the spot you want to fix and smash some of the welding stick into the spot with the soldering iron.

Don't forget the bottom side.

After joining the pieces try and make it smooth.

Do the same thing to the other side.

After you've joined the two together you can even add some more plastic weld material to give it some more support and if you want even more rigidity you can paint on some plastic epoxy to make it even tuffer.

Now just Install in the reverse order and removal and test it out.

Thanks for checking this out.
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Great write-up, thanks for taking the time to document it.
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