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Originally Posted by 1madmouse View Post
What was the final cost on this? Was it worth the time and money spent?
Way too much.

At the time, I was going through divorce and I had a lot of cash in my bank account. Whatever stayed there was subject to being given to someone I didn't want it going to.

I want to say total price was in the 4000 range because I paid a shop to do the engine swap. I wasn't able to find anyone willing to help me with the job.

Then, come tax time, since I use the truck for contract work, I wrote that off as a business expense after the divorce was over.
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lol a write off. You sly fucker.
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Ha! Good write off indeed. Reminds me of the story where the wife got half the house in the divorce...

Husband actually cuts the house in HALF with a chain saw. It was all good, though. He was generous enough to offer her the half with the kitchen.

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