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Have you had the battery tested, too? Sometimes a cell will blow out, causing it to not hold a enough charge to crank the engine.

@Hardbody92 - When I get a distributor cap, rotor and wires, I always go to Nissan and get the genuine article.
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Originally Posted by Hardbody92 View Post
Funny because I took off the cap and cleaned it and the truck fired right up, but then it wouldn’t start again. Where can I buy a quality cap at a reasonable price?

the one that cracked was an ebay cap. i have a duralast one on there now and it has been fine for 3 or 4 years now.

the problem with aftermarket caps is they like to cut corners on the brass posts inside the caps. they trim down the material to save money, and it ends up causing problems in the long run. that is why the M103 inline 6 cylinder Mercedes caps by Bosch are so expensive. they are made so much better than any generic replacement. when i was getting my 300e up to running and driving condition, i skimped and bought a cheaper cap. i would rather waste 20 bucks than the 85 to 100 for the OEM equipment. so now that the car has had zero ignition issues since i have been driving it the last 3 months, it will get the correct cap and button next time it needs to be changed.
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CadillacDude is right. Some aftermarket parts for these trucks work just fine. Others have known issues. Starters, for example. Go too cheap on those and they have problems. Caps and rotors (often made in China) are famous for being crap.

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I always use Beck Arnley cap and rotors, no problem with them
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sounds like you either need a new ground cable or positive cable....
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Check the resistance in your main battery cables, sounds like you might need new cables.
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