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Default Timing Chain Rattle

Just wondered what you all thought about this option to correct chain Rattle
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At first glance this dose not look like a horible idea. However, I have had mine for 26 years. And yes it rattles at startup. It is a Nissan trait with the KA and Z24 engines. Try adding a half quart of automatic transmission fluid to the engine oil a few days to a week before your next oil change. It will help to clean out any sludge or deposits that might help relieve this issue. As I recall mine only did it when i was low on oil or it was really cold outside or sat for several days.

There is no access panel in the front of either the KA or the Z motors in the Hardbody trucks. He has cut a hole into the timing cover and is using an expansion plug to seal the hole. The plug is used as a band-aid fix when a cooling system freeze plug has come loose or been removed. This is kinda hokey and an oil change and come serious cleaning of the front of the motor internals is highly recommended. Where did all the aluminum shavings go???

Also, taking the timing cover off to replace the timing components only takes a few hours more. I believe that I did mine on a Z24 in 6 or 7 hours without cutting a hole in the timing cover.
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