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Easy to lose a wheel weight for sure especially at rail crossings. Brake booster is probably just a bad hose or check valve at least.
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OK, the shop walked back from the booster being bad -- they bled the brakes and (allegedly) there was a bunch of air. The brakes are fine and it really never hurts to bleed your brakes, anyway, especially here in a damp climate.

Got the truck back Friday. They had re-balanced the wheels/tires again for the 4th time (seriously), then swapped the "bad" tire to the passenger rear. The vibration had changed, but was still very present, so I had that tire put on the spare, and bought a new one.

Verdict: it is very much improved with the new tire, but I can still feel the vibration at 40 and 55-60mph and see it in the steering wheel. If it hadn't been so bad and if I wasn't using it as my daily driver, I might not have noticed the specificity of it and maybe just chalked it up to it being a $hitty old truck. There is a stretch of highway on my morning commute that I was avoiding where the vibration was the worst. So I'd say yes, a tire was bad, but there is something (or a combination of a few things) that are worn or aged that multiplied to create the vibration. The pavement on Highway 20 east and the tire magnified the issue. I will just keep daily driving it and maintaining it. Eventually something may crop up that makes it obvious what the issue is and I can quit worrying about the thing rattling apart in the meantime.

I appreciate all the help with this! We had a little 2 wheel drive 4 cylinder regular cab '87 back in the day and drove that thing all over the western states. Lots of great memories. Can't believe I'm back driving one again and really digging it...who would've thought?
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If one tire replacement was a big improvement, it may stand to reason that there is another that is only slightly bad. Maybe they are all slightly wonky.

Check the manufacturer's website. Maybe they have a recall listed. You never know.
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I have heard reports of tires that just never worked before. Certainly mixing and matching radials with bias-ply tires will cause driving issues, so it isn't impossible that you just have a bad set of tires.

But, I'd test that theory with some cheap replacements before buying a new set. I've got 2 full sets of tires mounted on 15-inch wheels that you could try out, but I'm way in East Texas. You might want to see if anyone closer has a set you can test with.
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