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Default Towing With The Xterra

The Xterra, at least the second generation models, are rated to tow 5,000 pounds maximum. The Frontier, using the same basic running gear for the most part, are rated to 7,500.

But because the Xterra is taller and shorter than the Frontier, its frame cannot handle the load the Frontier can.

I can tell you now that an Xterra has absolutely NO problem towing that max load, but I recommend you use a weight-distributing and anti-sway hitch and make sure both the Xterra and whatever you are towing are perfectly level. You will have far less problems.

I've been towing a 3140 pound trailer lately which runs to around 3800 after the water tanks, the propane tanks, your food, drinks, and other load are on board. The X can pull this kind of weight without a problem, but with its tall stature and shorter frame, you really need the special hitch stuff I mentioned in the last paragraph. Before I got that stuff, I was getting some minor sway and you could tell you had a load back there. After I installed the stuff from Curt, then it was like night and day. Last weekend I took that trailer up eight miles of the worst Forest Service road you ever saw and it made it like a champ.

Of course...I was going like three miles an hour. In fact, I can walk faster than I drove that rig. The reason was otherwise I would shake the holy heck out of the trailer...


2009 Xterra, 4.0 liter, automatic, 4WD.
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I drive a tractor trailer for a living. Improperly loaded trailers can be deadly. You gotta load them correctly, secure everything correctly and drive like you have common sense.
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