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Default manual transmission only has 4th gear

Hey Guys,

new user here but a long time Nissan guy, this looks like the most active hardbody forum on the net so I figured i'd join in too

I have a curious problem, and i'll start with the long story as I don't have the details of how I got the truck to what it is doing now. I borrowed my truck to my neighbor kid because his car broke down and i'm a nice guy. I taught him to drive stick for a few days and off he went. after a couple of weeks he has the truck towed to my place and said it stopped moving. I go down there and smell lots of clutch so I figure he toasted the clutch in his noobishness. The other strange clue was that the clutch reservoir was empty (my slave was leaking).

I went right off and dropped the tranny and installed a new clutch/flywheel/pressure plate thinking problem solved. I started the truck and drove it around the block and it seemed ok. I drove it a few days later and got stuck on the road with no power going into the transmission again.

the weirdness of the symptoms is that I can put the truck into any gear with the clutch out and the engine is running (except 4th, 4th gear seems to work as in I need to press the clutch to get 4th). there is slight clunking noises coming from the transmission until I push in the clutch, and they stop. when I start the car cold then it blocks all gears until I put it in and try to go - it then clunks and disengages and I again have no gears (Except 4th)

when I drained transmission/transfer case oil then the transmission oil was very dark (last replaced with redline mt90 25k miles ago) and there was a half inch of shavings on the drain plug which seems excessive.

now my understanding is that in 4th gear the countershafts are not used so it must be something around those that is messed up? I have rebuilt engines but never a transmission so I am a bit green on the insides of them.

thanks for any ideas! I am pretty sure I need to find a 'new' transmission from the junkyard to get back on the road.

or is it that I just need to add more transmission oil (I filled it to the fill plug but from my searching here I need to overfill by a quart or so).

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