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Default What Emergency Gear Do YOU Take Offroad?

I decided to start a thread for people (if they want) to list some of the things they bring special when they go high and away from civilization. You know how it is. Instead of running to the Seven-Eleven, you're going where there aren't stores or gas stations for miles. So what do you bring along for emergencies?

These are some of the things I bring:

1) Extensive tool kit. A few women's nylons to use as emergency belt replacements included. Bag of all the spare relays, old hoses, etc.
2) Not one jack, but two of them behind the seat.
3) 30-foot chain in a plastic bucket. It will pull a semi-truck no problem.
4) Couple of small pieces of 2x4 for the jacks.
5) Shovel
6) One full size spare under the bed. I throw the mini-spare into the bed.
7) Plug kit for tires. One can of Fix a Flat. Bicycle pump.
8) Two quarts oil, one gallon water.
9) First Aid kit.
10) Come-a-Along.

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Back home in NY to go on the outer beach you were required to have certain items, the things I can remember off hand and that I carried were: a Tow strap, jack,a jack block, shovel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare tire, air gauge, flash light, and portable air tank or compressor.

Since I drove a Nissan the only tools I carried were a screw driver and a channel locks.

If I was to go off road in a remote area or desert I would carry more tools and replacement parts, water, fuel, etc
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if you haven't upgraded the steering system, its good to carry a extra idler arm.
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I really need to do an idler arm brace.

Things I carry daily:
1) Basic light duty tow strap. It was free so I'm not complaining.
2) Jumpers
3) Multiple flashlights and spare batteries
4) Basic first aid
5) Full set of spare belts. I keep my old ones when I throw new ones on
6) Tire iron
7) Misc basic tools
8) 12v air compressor
9) At least 1 spare tire. not sure if my factory spare even holds air.
10) Leather gloves
11) Leather man
12) Tire pressure gauge
13) Big ol knife

And when wheeling all of the above plus what ever is relevant for that location. Some days its firearms, some days its a fire extinguisher.
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I would never ever ever use a chain to tow out a vehicle offroad, it's probably the most unsafe recovery practice. that chain is under thousands of pounds of force and if it unhooks or lets go... I have seen video's of people killed by the chain letting go.

Anyway, good thread idea nonetheless.
I always bring:
-a selection of tools, wrenches/sockets, multi-bit screwdriver, cheater pipe,
- a lighter, axe, some cardboard and paper (for fire), knife
-a spare front driveshaft, axleshaft, manual hubs, u-joints, relays & fuses, lug-nuts, zip ties, hose clamps, etc.
-spare belts and brake lines,
-tow straps, tree savers, shackles, bungee cords, ratchet straps
-a full first aid kit, including emergency blanket, gloves, 2 towels, rubber boots
-fire extinguisher
-oil, brake fluid, water, a funnel (in a milk crate that can second as a chair)
- spare tire, wheel chock, jack,

I also run a 3000W power inverter that I keep spare phone chargers with me, you never know when you might have to charge that thing to call for help
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Whenever I go out in the woods:

First Aid Kit
Cheap set of tools under the seat w/multimeter
Fully inflated spare tire
Breaker bar
Jumper Cables
Spare fuses and relays
Spare belt and some coolant hose
Bear mace (I'm sure if it will keep a bear at bay it'll work on tweakers too lol)
Can of fix-a-flat
Phone charger
Portable air compressor
An ax and saw
Ratcheting cargo straps
Drinking water

It depends. For everyday driving I roll around with a set of jumper cables, a breaker bar and a cheap set of tools in the trunk. I find myself breaking them out more often to help someone fix their vehicle than my own lol.
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I have a 4" wide Keeper strap that I always carried, that strap has seen so much use, it needs to be replaced.
My name is Tony and I'm a Infamousaholic

Current truck - 2017 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner ,

(formerly owned: 1993 Nissan Hardbody king cab 2wd, 90 Nissan Sentra, 94 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4, 05 Nissan Titan, 87 Nissan SE-V6 4x4 king cab, 94 Infiniti Q45t & 80 Datsun 310GX )
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This list does NOT include items that are packed when I load up for camping. These are just the things that I always have on board:

Screw jack
Hi-Lift jack
Manual lug wrench
Spare wheel/tire
Big hammer (4lb) to turn any wrench into an impact wrench.
Jumper cables
tire plug kit with spare stems
Secondary battery (manually switched for isolation)
Inverter (110v AC), extension cords
Wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, and other tools, but mainly the sizes that are common to the vehicle.
Volt-Ohm meter, spare wire, connectors (including wire nuts), strippers, crimper, electrical tape, friction tape
Gorilla tape
Spray lithium grease
mobile home anchor
alignment bar
Winch w/ remote, tree saver strap, snatch block
Snatch strap/s
small tarp
Rope/s, cord, bungees
Fat lighter, BBQ lighter
handgun/ holster
Soap, hand cleaner
USB chargers and adapters
OBDII scan tool/tuner
Blanket. towel
Operator manual
Spare fuses
Flashlights, spare batteries or chargers
Small first-aid kit, pills for pain
toothpicks, napkins, utensils
canned snacks
emergency blanket, poncho, umbrella
spare parts such as hubs, belts, hardware, clamps, pieces of hose, (I used to carry a Cap and rotor)
Spare belt
Toilet paper
Fire extinguisher
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Here's the stuff I usually bring. I didn't include stuff I carry every day (knives, lighter, pistol, etc).

duct tape/hose clamps
spare idler arm
my CCW pistola shotgun (you never know)
a spare tire
my standard "get home bag" with water, food, first aid, HAM radio, etc in it.
a gallon of coolant
jumper cables
12v-120v inverter
cell chargers (i usually bring a few different ones as someone will inevitably forget theirs)
ratchet straps
extra fuel
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dont forget a spare cell phone charging cable and one of the usb quick charge battery packs for the phone. i have a couple of those laying around. they worked great last month during an extended power outage at night due to high winds blowing trees down across the power lines.

and i take multiple weapons LOL thats the beauty of the south. the only limit on carrying weapons here is when you stop packing them in your stuff or on your person.
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