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Default Quite few Questions...

I have went through the entire forum for the answers and seem cannot find them. They could be have not been answered yet or lost somewhere but I have some questions if any of you don't mind answer, please. I have 1995 King Cab XE, 2.4L, Automatic 2RWD

1. I have find the possible match for the camper shell, only one thing I am concerned is about the stop light mounted outside on my back of cab. Would it be in way of installing of camper shell?

2. I am thinking about install the new overhead covering due to its sagging at same time, I am going to create some unique console for overhead that can housing CB radio, some storage with three different colors. (Pure white led, low red led, and blacklist light) I already installed two overhead visors from pathfinder and they have mirror with lights. Is it possible to tap into the already installed overhead cab light wiring to install and light all of them listed above, including CB radio?

3. Is it possible for me to install beach from old frontier in bed? Do I have to weld?

4. Is it possible for me to lift few inches for the tires? I think it is a dab low than I like. I want it to be a bit higher. (Remember, my truck is not 4x4) Change leaves? Spring? Sturts?

5. Last question.. I think... What is the heck the vents are doing on the doors, what they are used for? I checked inside the doors when I installed new door handles and have not seen anything that are connected to those vents. Why there are vents?

Thank you.
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1. Depends, I just picked one up for 45 bucks, a flat top leer. It has the molded cutout for the third brake light. Does the camper you are looking at have it? It may or may not be a show stopper, depending on how far you want to go into it. Some may sit far enough from the rear window, some models came with a plate to screw in place of the brake light. It all depends. You'll have to do a test fit to make sure.

2. No, there is no other wiring besides the map lights in the front and the light in the back. Nothing traverses as far as I can speak for my 96 and 97. I wouldn't rely on that power anyway. Its too small and is shared by other devices. Would be too much of a load possibly. Something small like the visors, then yes. Try looking into modding a console from a Chevy or something. That would be cool.

3. Beach? You mean bench? Like the seat? Anything is possible but consider functionality and safety later down the road.

4. How much do you want to gain? Couple of inches can be gained by adjusting the torsion bars. You'll have to get a lift kit or something for the rear. I don't know much about adding height, but whatever you do, youll have to get an alignment afterwards.

5. Its just a design thing. Don't do much but vent. There are also vents behind the cab in between the bed and cab. I guess so the doors can close without creating a vapor lock or something.
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