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Default Report and Pictures: 1998 Pathy

Picked up a 1998 Pathy for $1,300 on July 1.

Report: All systems work, except there is no panel where the stereo goes, but the speaker connections are there. Also, the chain that holds up the spare tire was broken, so the spare is currently in the hatch for now. AC and power steering good, 4WD unit good and indicator light works. No codes being thrown, in fact it runs as smooth as silk and drives the same.

The only negatives are that the windshield will have to be replaced, (big crack) and someone primered the rig for paint, but then never painted it. So...it goes to the paint shop. Since the inside jamb paint, etc is still excellent, (and still RED) we're going with the original red, not black.

142,000 miles on it. New oil, antifreeze, tune up, and AC recharge done by previous owner, who had it a year. He couldn't tell me why the owner before him decided not to finish the paint job, though.

Will have to make a trip to the pick and pull for the front dash panel and possibly a new spare tire chain holder assembly.

Pictures below.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied at $1,300. That way, the windshield and the paint job won't run up the costs much more than its worth. I may even shoot the paint myself. I have a compressor and a paint gun, just haven't done it in a long time. LOL, no I won't.

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Nice! Even has the pillar tweeters!

Local yard is starting to get more of these in now than WD21s...
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you forgot to blur out the VIN lol
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It's funny to me when people blur out the license plates. I mean, you see license plates all day long. Who cares if there's another one on the internet?
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