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Default '94 Pathfinder cutting out bad after turning key off

Hello everyone. I apologize for signing up and asking forhelp\suggestions right off the bat, but I'm totally baffled with my truck andcan't afford a mechanic to look at it. My wife was recently diagnosed withcancer and with the bills we have coming in, I just don't have the extra cashto get this looked at right now. I am hoping maybe someone has had the sameexperience and can point me in the right direction to fix it myself, or cansuggest what I need to look at to diagnose my problem. I own a '94 Pathfinder 4x43.0 XE with 165k on it. What it's doing is..... When it's cold (below 40) outand you first start it, it will run great. Just as soon as you turn the key toshut it off, and then start it back up, it idles fine but when you step on thegas pedal it just falls on its face. If you let off of it and then stomp in thegas, it will take off as normal but will start cutting out and falling on itsface again. This is within a matter of 3-4 seconds of taking off that it will start to cut out. If I keep therpms up higher I can run it down the road, but once it drops in to OD runningat a lower rpm it jerks and cuts out bad.... What's odd is starting it cold itwill run fine until the key gets turned off. I've ran it for over an hour andit ran great from a cold start. Shut it off, started back up, and it was backfalling on its face again. If it sits for say more than 3-4 hours, will be fineagain until the key gets turned off. Also, when it's above 40, it will prettymuch act up all the time, cold start or not.
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I wouldGREATLY appreciate the help!!!![/FONT]
Thanks in advance!!!!
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Have you checked the ECU for any diagnostic codes? That's usually a decent place to start.
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The emergency service hb
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i second that one. check the codes

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