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Default Leaf spring issue/question for my 84 720

Hello all. New member here, long time lurker. I'm new to these trucks and leaf springed vehicles in general so please excuse my ignorance but I would like your help with an issue I'm having so here goes...
I ordered some 3" rear drop leaf springs from a company called Street Edge and just got around to installing them yesterday..well tried to. I'm having an issue with them not fitting. These springs have the guide pin dead center on the spring, whereas my factory springs are offset from center approx 1.5-1.75" or so. Upon installation of these springs I noticed that they just don't line up no matter which way I turn them. The guide pin on the lowering spring pack ends up too far towards the rear of the truck at least 1.5 inches. I would have to move the entire rear axle back that much for the springs to sit in where they need to. In the pics I lined up the guide pins on both the factory and aftermarket springs and you can see how much they are off when looking at the edges where the bushings go.
Not sure if any of this is making sense but hopefully it is.
Is this normal and maybe im missing something? It seems to me they maybe sent me the wrong springs since the guide pins need to be offset on the spring and not dead center? Your input is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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