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Default D21 z24 timing rotor

Is Nissan the only company that decided to use a screw to lock the rotor on to the distributor shaft? Whoever thought that was a good idea should be FIRED!!!! The screw decided to pop out and get my truck stuck 30 miles out from a town, and cost us $350 to tow it back in for me to figure out that I could have just used a damn screwdriver to fix it.
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Same happened on my daughter's '98 Pathfinder, on the Interstate. I had replaced her faulty distributor a year before with $85 one from Ebay retailer with 10-year warranty.

Anyway, Pathfinder stalled halfway between Phoenix and her northern Arizona home on a Sunday afternoon in summer, Mrs. Cusser were at DBacks baseball game. So daughter's AAA Plus towed it to her shop there, who found the rotor screw had come loose. The retailer at first said she should've gotten OK from them before the repair, but ended up refunding her $85 purchase price.

Yes, I think that design is a horrible idea; I never had touched that screw when I installed the distributor, I just set the engine to TDC #1 and "stabbed" the distributor, then adjusted the timing with timing light. I don't know why they didn't use a "notched" rotor to fit tight on the distributor shaft like an old VW.

I heard that a Mazda B2600i rotor can go on in 3 different orientations, only one is correct. The same year and earlier B2200 distributor rotors have notched rotors, go figure...
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