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Default Pulling Cylinder Head need Suggestions

Like my title states, Iím pulling my cylinder head and sending it to a head shop to get rebuilt. I need my valve seals replaced real bad and gonna rework anything else i find and deem sub optimal as far as engine health is concerned but Iím also very much considering getting them to do some more machine work while they have it. I need some suggestions! Iím thinking of a hotter cam, maybe some porting... I donít know where to start as far as hot cams for these engines are concerned. Mineís a Ď95 KA24E. Not trying to put a whole bunch of cash into a new engine or anything just trying to beef what I have at least while I have it sort of taken apart. Hit me with yallís input!
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See what the machine shop has to say and go from there. I did the same thing you are doing last year and all mine needed was to have the valve stem seals replaced and the mating surface cleaned up. I don't know much about performance options for the KA24E besides swapping in a 240sx cam and intake. Mine is very much stock.

You'll also need to clean up the deck before the head goes back on. I used a wire wheel on a drill. The head is aluminum, so no wire wheels on that. Other than that I'd say it would be a good time to replace all your various throttle body gaskets, injector o rings and vacuum lines since they are all right there with the intake off. The EGR crossover pipe is a bitch...I left mine attached to the exhaust manifold and made sure it was in place BEFORE the head goes back on. Other than that it's pretty straightforward. Oh, and the timing chain if you haven't already done that.
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Oil pump, if it has a lot of miles.

I need to do this job too, just to solve an oil leak due to several timing chain replacements (head gasket was damaged ... in 1990 ... by the dealer when the guide failed the first time).
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