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Default Longtime Lurker, Finally time to join the Party

Hello everyone,

I want to start this off with a huge THANKYOU to this community as a whole! I have been lurking in the shadows of this forum for I don't even know how many years... You guys have been able to help me with just about every issue I've ever had with my truck, from teaching me that OEM oil filters are worth the extra couple bucks, to looking up random part numbers, to teaching me how to read the codes on my ECU... anyway I just want to extend a sincere thank you to you all. I'm very excited to finally be joining the ranks of Infamous Nissan! This community is such a valuable source of knowledge, there have definitely been some times that I don't know what I would've done with out ya'll, so I'll say it one more time. Thankyou!

Now for an introduction: My name is Sam, I'm 27 years old and currently live in Salt Lake City. I bought my truck when I was 15. (its hard to believe I've already had her for 12 years and 130k miles!) She is a 1994 KingCab 4x4 XE with a Ka24e and about 220k miles on her. This truck is my baby, she is the only vehicle I have ever owned, and I plan on keeping her as my daily driver for as long as possible! I've even lived out of her for a few months here and there. Anyway I love my hardbody and hope to keep her forever. Here's a picture of her: (I'm a forum newb so this may not work, but what the hell, gonna give it a try)

I'm not sure if I should ask my question here, or if I should make another thread in the hardbody forum... I guess I'd appreciate some advice on forum etiquette haha. I'm just gonna ask here for now, could someone let me know if I should make a second thread in the hardbody forum? Thanks!

Anyway here goes:

One annoying thing that my truck and I have been going through together is that she seems to be hungry for drive shaft carrier bearings. Right now I am looking at having to replace the carrier (or center) bearing for the 4th time since Ive owned the truck. The current bearing lasted about 3 years, 40k miles, it now feels too loose, is losing rubber, and making alot of noise. This is turning into an expensive habit as these bearings are not cheap, and I do not have access to a press and have had to bring my driveshaft into a driveline shop each time it has needed replacing.
I've read a little bit on here, and also on NissanNut website about deleting the carrier bearing all together and going to a one piece driveshaft. If I'm not mistaken, these posts were all about lifted hardbodies, and/or single cabs. So my question is: Have any of you gone the one piece driveshaft route on a stock height, 4x4 KingCab Hardbody? and if so, did you run into any unforeseen issues or problems? will this affect my suspension?

Yesterday I stopped in at my local driveline shop and had the shop owner crawl under the truck to give it a quick look. He told me that he "didn't see why we couldn't get away with a one-piece shaft" And his estimate to "re-tube", wasn't much more than the quote he gave me for replacing the carrier bearing. (i think he meant he is going to weld and extension to the rear half of the driveshaft and rebalance) Thus making it into a one piece driveline and deleting the carrier bearing. Before I go through with this, and have him weld onto my driveshaft, I was hoping to get the opinion of some people who know these trucks a little better than my driveline guy. Any and all advice will be much appreciate. This truck is my baby and I only want the best for her.

Thanks again guys, I'm looking forward to the future as a member of Infamous Nissan!
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Welcome to infamous, I'm glad we've been able to help.
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the downside to a one piece shaft is all the driveline stress will be more dangerous to the transmission/tcase. the split shaft was designed to be forgiving under extreme duress. semi tractors have split shafts in them. under a full load, a solid shaft would twist like a pretzel.

now having said that, if you gently drive your truck and dont holeshot it out of mud holes, i say eliminate the headache of the carrier bearing. that is what most of the V8 swaps have anyways. and id bet a V8 swapped hardbody sees just a little driveline stress every now and then.

and welcome to IN.
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Welcome to the site.
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Welcome. Hope you get your issue resolved.
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Just wanted to give a quick update. Last week i pulled the trigger and spent 200 bucks at my local driveline shop. Had my driveshaft retubed into a single piece. Carrier bearing deleted! The new shaft clears the crossmember by a good 2.5-3 inches. (stock height 4x4) and so far I couldn't be happier with the result. No more screeching noises or vibrations, plus I will no longer be changing out that pesky carrier bearing every 2-4 years. I'm stoked! Thanks to cadillacdude1975 for explaining the purpose of the carrier bearing^^^ and Shout out to Resurector for the bode of confidence! Nappy Holidaze yall
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Welcome to Infamous
My name is Tony and I'm a Infamousaholic

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