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time is running out...
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Default Potential property purchase. what would you do with this place?

Looking to buy this place. Asking advice to what to do first.

In the state of IL. 40x40 size
This place also has 2 car garage for daily.

The building has 110v only
4" concrete at center and left. gravel in the back and to the right. (so half and half)
water is run to a hand lever (kind of in the way, needs dug out and run to side of garage)(brown tube)
has 2 very large sliding doors. 1 large garage door. no opener.

1 walk in door.
no heat or AC. last PO had wood burner and hole in siding for it.
has platform up top that could be an office.
only 2 florescent lights as well as a gymnasium light. has skylights
critters are digging around edge getting in.

rotted 2x6 around bottom of bldg.
no locks on building.
what should happen first?

will have furnace, finished concrete and 220v ran. and 2 post car lift installed. and locks installed somehow

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I would replace all rotting wood first. Just me though.
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Yeah, I’d start with the rotting wood first. Then the plumbing
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If anything Id get the building secured first, walls, windows, doors ect...
Once its locked down, your tools and such can be in there to get the rest done....

Obviously, in what manner you can afford...
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Word of warning about metal buildings like that... you can spend all you want on locks and stuff but a guy with a battery powered angle grinder can just cut a hole in the wall. Happened at an engineering firm I used to work for. Good camera system so you have evidence would be a good investment IMO.
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if the two car garage is legitimately secure, then store your tools there.

rot first, walls second, power third, heat 4th, plumbing 5th, whatever else next like floors and shop air but insulation will be helpful if you can get that up. its relatively cheap to insulate a building and helps a lot with comfort.
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Rotted wood first and foremost. Then seal up all the bad spots to keep out the critters. Then fix the entrances to keep it secured. After that, whatever your budget can afford. Personally Id start with the more xpensive items. Then widdle it down to the cheap stuff.
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I would do the power first. It's alot easier to work and get things done with power and lights. It shouldn't be to hard to secure the openings. Simple gate locks or slide bolt type locks from the inside do wonders. Just tackle and finish one project at a time, helps get things done not getting overwhelmed by multiple tasks.
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finance and close first
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IMO I would move out of this hell hole. that being said make sure you check out how much the taxes are on the property now. they can change on you if you do improvements.
ok now on to the nitty gritty.
power first then work on the rest, also look into sprayed on foam insulation it works great! and if you dont insulate it will sweat, the foil bubble wrap style at least for the roof so that wont sweat and drip on everything.

video security will be a must, install game cameras asap if not the tweakers will carry off anything they can.
go with LED shop lights, Rural king runs specials on them every now and then.
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