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Okay, okay, I've finally found some time to do some photos. Here is the sediment I was able to get out of my block.

As you can see, it was quite a bit. The funny part is that I really didn't get any sediment out of the radiator. This should be good evidence as to why you should drain your block if you can.
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Posted my below response on another old thread, just did a coolant flush with the block drain and always hesitated because of not knowing exactly where the plug was and if I needed to remove the heat shield for the exhaust manifold. Didn't need to remove anything, the plug is accessible for the ka24 on the drivers side, just above the front of the transmission. Won't be able to see it but you can feel for it.

Here is a video I did about it: https://youtu.be/mi6SefilcjU

Not the editing and video quality/size but should give people an idea of how to get that plug out and flush the system according to the FSM.

Originally Posted by LazerD21 View Post
Sorry to necro this thread but I just did a coolant flush and drained the block as well as the radiator. Lots of water back in the block after draining the coolant from all hoses/heater core. The coolant plug on the engine is not the easiest to get to I got it after a little trial and error, took about 5 minutes after getting the right setup.

Best is to find the plug from over the hood so you know where to feel when under the truck.
Here is a quick video on where it is: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/gsAFqmxOj8M

Once located, get under on the drivers side and you'll be able to feel it, not so much see it, as the exhaust and front of the transmission blocks your view.

Flex head ratchet and a 14mm socket works well, wiggle the ratchet up there and use your other hand to guide it onto the bolt. I used a small extension the first time but it's not needed.

Once loosened and almost out, you should be able to get it out by hand.
I advise on getting out from under the truck and do it from over the hood so you don't get doused.

Got a lot of scale and buildup from there that wasn't getting out from the radiator or cooling lines.

Currently working on getting more pics/videos that may help others in the future.

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That's one clean looking truck! Most new cars don't look that good after a few years.
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While clean, it has many many 'quirks' to work over.
After changing all vacuum lines, I said F it and redid all the coolant lines and made sure to flush it dang well, which isn't the easiest to do with the garage in its current state. I really wanted to
learn how to drain the block of coolant/water, for my own sanity.
Thanks to these forums I got the confidence to work on my own truck rather than just doing oil changes.
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