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Default 1996 nissan Navara window trim

Hi everyone, so I recently acquired a 1996 nissan Navara - 4 door.
I absolutely love it. I decided to paint it, and redo all the window trim...but what's this, they no longer make window trim for this model (the U shape rubbers that stop the window from rattling). Seriously no one has them. I have called Nissan. Nissan dont have any in stock, and if they did, they cost $570 per window I have tried all the wreckers and off beat rubber places. No one, nothing.

So has anyone here had any luck with trim from a similar model that i can use on my car, can my old trim somehow be repaired and restored?

I live in Australia, but happy to buy international.

Thankyou in advance, any tips are welcome
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Like most dealerships, Nissan only carries parts for 20 years. After that, you can sometimes find old stock at dealerships, but you will still pay full price.

The Navara wasn't sold in the USA, so you won't likely find anyone here who will be able to ship to you. It was built in Mexico until 2005 or so, if that information helps.

Usually, with stuff like this, you are left to wrecking yards or eBay. If you can get the old part numbers, that will help you search eBay. Sometimes a company out of Taiwan will start making parts. But like you found, $570 per window. Even something from Taiwan will be expensive.
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