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Default What a day I had today !!

My step daughter sent me a message saying one whole half of her double wide mobile home had no power ! She said the breaker would trip.

She had the electric company come out thinking she had the service plan but turned out she did not, the guy said the breaker was probably bad, I went over and pulled the breaker and we went to the hardware store to match it up, bought a new one for $7 and I installed it. The breaker would not trip and it had power coming out of it but no power to any outlets or ceiling lights on the one side.

I spoke to a friend that is local to see if he worked with any electricians ( he does high end audio and visual installs), he said he had 2 electricians that he works with and asked me what the problem was.

I told him what was going on and he called his electrician friend who I ended up talking to and the guy told me things to check, I checked to see if there was power coming in on both legs coming into the breaker box, did that and had 240 volts, I checked the output of all the breakers and had 120 volts on the singles and 240 on the doubles. he than told me I had to pull all the outlets and switches to check the back of them

The trailer outlets use a crimp type connection where the wire is squeezed between metal clips, you have to pry the back plastic cover off each one to see the wires. I pulled all the outlets and switches from 6 rooms, all looked fine and none had power going to them.

I than looked online and found a thread where another guy was having the same issue, the guy discovered under the trailer at the center there were 2 plugs that connected each half of the trailer together (electric).

My buddy and I went back to my daughter's trailer ( she lives in the same park that I do), I went under the trailer at the center and found thin plywood covering something. Another friend that was there went under and removed the screws from the plywood and found the 2 plugs, I could not get my multi meter probes into the connection to check for power but I tried squeezing one with a channel locks pliers and when I did the power came back on,

I read online that they recommend eliminating the plugs so we ran back to my house to gather the necessary parts and tools, back to my daughters we went, I had my brother in law shut the main breaker off and I removed the plug from one of the wires. I connected the black, white and copper wires together inside a plastic box with wire nuts, taped the connections and put the lid on, I used silicone in the holes going into the box and had my brother in law turn the main breaker on.

Power was all back on like it should be !! I secured the box under the trailer and we reinstalled the metal skirting to the trailer !

A long day for sure but my daughter has power and is happy, since tomorrow is her 40th birthday and the weekend wasn't starting very good !

I also replaced a front wheel bearing assembly on my buddy Julio's Saturn, the brakes were still making noise but this time it was from the drivers rear. I pulled the rear tire, fought with the brake drum to remove it, stabbed my finger with the slip of a screw driver ( pry bar), and finally got the brake drum off to find the brake shoes were down to the metal, guess that will happen after 180 K miles ! He wants to order the parts, he needs a new drum as his is all scored up, and put the drum back on for now.

Shower time and than dinner I'm beat !!
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