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Scott Turchin
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We exclusively use Dell laptops at work, that's a very decent laptop.

If you find an older program causing issues go find the EXE for it or the shortcut, right click on it, go to Properties, and then to "Compatability" tab, change the compatability to "Windows 7" - it should run fine.

I've got a couple of acoustic mapping programs that have issues on Win10 at work.

(Been in the IT world for almost 35 years now)....

I love the Dell 6400 series of laptops. 6500 are excellent as well.

And if ever you can get the Windows 10 Enterprise version you can turn off the spyware ("Telemetry") but you SHOULD go into Settings->Privacy and disable everything you can- including giving apps access to your contacts, to your microphone and to your camera because it's ON by default.

You are now a commodity for Microsoft
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The Gear Jammer
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windows ten is shit. pure and simple.
"Im officially lost" - wildbill
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