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Default Cost to turbo?

Guys please excuse the unbelievably noob-ish question. I'm still a very long way from being able to consider adding power to my KA24 (97 hardbody), but, roughly, what would it cost to do a smallish turbo? Say shooting for 200 RWHP?

2 grand? 5? More? Just trying to get a guesstimate so I can decide if it will at some point be doable.
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Humm, I would say more depends on your modification skills and the ability to select the proper parts. I would say the cheapest would be 2k but that is doing everything yourself or skipping on the intercooler (depending on boost not a smart choice). I would guess to drop it at a shop would be minimum 5k.

I know some that have spent 2.6k just for a new turbo (this is the upper end cost wise for a turbo).
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If you can do some minor fabrication and shop smart/used you could probably see 200hp for $1500 or less without trying too hard.


That said... $1500 is what I have in my SBC swap after selling off my stock drive train and have probably 230-250 at the wheels plus the torques, ohhhh how I love the torques
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when i did all the maths, with about 80% done at the shop and all parts sourced myself, it came to about 3k, but thats 3k australian so im assuming in the land of the mighty dollar that SHOULD be significantly lower.

EDIT: I was only aiming for 1 BAR of boost, or 12psi approx.

2nd EDIT lol: and, I am pricing off a blow through setup for my z24, not a KA which as I understand you need all that silly electrical bulls hitt.
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