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There is no step by step resource - and there are a ton of ways to skin this cat.

I stripped anything out related to EFI/ECU except the fuel pump wiring. Using a SBC and turbo 350 trans a stock 5 speed crossmember locates the engine in the bay, add a set of speedway motors universal mounts and your sorted. Put 12v to the distributor, get a one wire alt hooked up - cheap oil pressure, volt, and temp gauge and your phone as a speedo. Mallory return regulator plumbed into the stock fuel system.

'Hardest' part is fitting a cooling system - junkyard puller fans (taurus or Volvo), bend up a shroud and a decent 2+ core aluminum rad and your golden. 190* idling/traffic for days all summer.

Block hugger headers then snaking past the torsion bars to put together some sort of exhaust - then deal with the drive shaft. My stock 2wd RCSB driveshaft needed to be cut down a couple of inches, happen to fall right where it taper back up to 3" - used a weld in yoke from strange and did it myself.

Aftermarket shifter for the th350 and started killing tire... still need a posi setup

Build thread - http://www.infamousnissan.com/forum/...=15898&page=11
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personally having stuffed weird motors into weird cars all my life, i disagree with the cooling statement above. if you are trying to do this on a budget then sure. but ive always had great luck with SPAL and other brands of fans off the shelf and using either universal rads, or taking my rad to a radiator shop and asking for a new end tank to be mounted to get things in the proper location.

personally because i dont have a welding machine and have to outsource this, i find the mounts, esp the crossmember for the transmission to be the most time consuming. i should say, im also the guy that does it in CAD, then has the pieces cut at a local shop and then takes them to my brother in-laws shop to have them tacked/stitched together for test.
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