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Default Map sensor problems

Ok so I failed smog on my 96 truck due to a map baro code...replaced sensor and ecm...still throwing same code po105. Testing with a multimeter I discovered that the reference voltage which should be 5 volts was well over 6 volts. Tested voltage coming out of ecm and it was also 6 plus volts. Interestingly, with my obd scanner plugged in I have noticed an erroneous barometric reading with koeo of 35.1 inches of mercury....both old sensor and ecm registered same figures so I know it has nothing to do with either. Checked continuity of wires to sensor which were good. If reference voltage is off my understanding is that it can skew things ie initial barometric reading I'm seeing and error codes. So what else can I check,,,I'm thinking ground to ecm. How is this grounded and where are all the ground straps on my truck or in particular the ones to the ecm? Cant find this information anywhere. I guess there could also be a short someplace but I'll start with making sure a bad ground is not the root of this problem.

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