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Default lowering a 4x4 xterra

I'm looking into purchasing a 2002 xterra. The only manual xterra local to me is 4x4 with the vg33er. I like the vg33e engines, I pull them all the time to swap them into z31's. All of these are reasons for me to purchase the vehicle, except that its 4wd. I'd like to know before hand if i can get away with lowering it and keeping the front end stock. Can I get away with a three inch drop without screwing up the front half shafts and dragging the transfer case? or do i need to swap the front suspension with a similar year 2wd frontier to avoid binding the drivetrain?
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You won't be able to swap out anything 4x4 with the 2wd stuff as the frames are different and nothing lines up. The X has a wishbone style control arm whereas the 2wd will have a strut rod style.

As per your original question you probably could get away with a 2" or so drop before you bottom out the half shafts or mess up the angles but I'm not sure if that's gonna cause you any funky vibrations. If you never plan to use the 4x4 you could just remove the front differential and shafts and you'd save fuel mileage, weight, and probably be able to lower even further
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It's a lot of work to lower a 4wd. My 4wd HB frame was sawed in half and had the frame z'd along with a few other tricks to get it low.
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