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Default 2004 Frontier Fog Lights

I just purchased a 2004 XE Crew Cab 4WD shortbed from the original owner. Black truck in nice condition runs and drives good.

One of the few options the truck does not have are factory fog lights. I did a search on the site and found an old thread with pictures of the fog lights that I need. I went on Epay and found LOT'S of vendors selling the replacement aftermarket fog lights with wiring kits. Given the truck is black I liked the "Light Smoke" lens fog lights however there is only 1 seller of these fog lights and his offering is for the fog lights ONLY. No wiring, relay or switch. All the other vendors selling clear, yellow and dark smoke fog lights are selling them as a complete kit with the lights, wiring, relay and switch.

I know that on the Hardbody trucks most all the wiring is in the Hardbody trucks is there no matter if the truck had an option or not which that needed wiring which leads to my questions:

Although my truck does not have the factory fog lights is the wiring for the fog lights already in this 2004 Frontier XE or do i need a complete fog light kit with the lights, wiring, relay and switch?

Anybody care to make a good suggestion of a brand or seller of aftermarket factory fit fog lights based upon their use of that seller/brand?

i look forward to your responses.

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Fog lights on the hardbody was a dealer installed option, the trucks did not come pre wired, you can buy a wiring kit online for any lights that will work, the difference between factory light wiring and aftermarket is the factory lights only come on with the low beams and the aftermarket ones come on anytime.

If you don't want to buy a wiring kit it's not hard to hook them up, I can tell you how and what to get to do it.

Yes, you would need a relay, switch and the wiring.
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DJS had a D21 kit with everything, but the lights were busted. i dont know if he sold it or not. the ad is still in the for sale sectoin.
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