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Scott Turchin
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Originally Posted by slo87 View Post
In my shop and my personal vehicles I press for KYB shocks and struts. I've been in business for myself for 4 years now with no known blown KYB shocks sold/installed. My personal vehicles have never had a failure from KYB's and usually get 90,000 before signs of wear or leakage. But that's just my experience.
After my experience with Bilstein I went with KYB on my VW Scirocco and love them.

I do love the FRONT Bilsteins but I'm gong to pull the backs off and shitcan them for KYB's. The failure rate is now 100% on rear shocks from Bilstein.
Originally Posted by lomofo11
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Cafe' (09-08-2017)
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Default ///update\\\\\ 10.24.17

I appreciate all of the directions given for shocks. I bought KYB after some advice from forum members. I installed them close to "4" weeks ago. Install was straight forward. Actually my 10year old son did the job. He loves this truck and has taken personal pride in it. The ride is significantly better, I mean come on the old shocks were originals and had "0" return.

I don't have much to compare them to but they hold up on and off road. I don't mud but do trail ride.

Two weeks ago we installed new sway bar bushing and links. There was "0" rubber left on the sway bar or bushings. Rides much better.

Thanks again.
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i got blue monroes, SOOOOO soft. kind of like it but I am starting to think they are too soft.
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