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Default 94 toyota 4runner front bumper swap question

Just bought a 94 2wd toyota 4 runner front bumper from a junkyard to swap onto my 94 HB. I have a good idea how to make the front main brackets but I'm wondering how would i make the sides look and fit right with the fenders? Am I going to have to cut the fenders where the top straight part of the bumper meets up or cut the side brackets out of the 4runner bumper? I've always read how everyone can make the front brackets fit but usually no info on the side and fenders. Thanks for any help.
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Most people cut the fenders straight back under the marker lights.
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Use the 4 runner fenders.
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Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
Most people cut the fenders straight back under the marker lights.
Yes, but no! Id did this swap on my 92 2wd. Like Bama said you must cut the fenders but plan your cuts carefully, cut approximately 5-6 inches under the marker light and fold a section where the bumper would meet the fender Im in Florida too and I still have the fenders laying around PM me if youre interested
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