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Hi, I am just reviving this thread to ask if anyone has gone electric on a 1990 D21 with a standard (not custom) radiator? Will the recommended two fan aftermarket unit bolt up or would I have to get creative? The controls and wiring is not an issue - that is kind of my hobby expertise.

I am taking the front end of the engine off on my way to changing head gaskets and would prefer to not put the stock fan back on. I have some finger scars from an old injury resulting from a fan mishap I would like to never repeat, and I like the idea of anything to make it quieter in there for listening for problem sounds.
-Johnnie (SuperNor) 1990 D21 SE Long Bed - V6 - 2WD - 5-Speed - Aztec Red with K Trim - 235k miles
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You can get the altima fan that will fit the stock radiator just fine. Covered on here many times. This conversion is the same for v6 and 4cyl. Same radiators in both, only difference is thickness.
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