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Default Does my truck not have an IAC valve??

Hey y’all!

Trying to resolve an issue where the trucks dies at idle. Making it difficult to even start up without pushing gas.

Trying to find the Idle Air Control valve to clean it out. Cant seem to find it.

Any help?
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in the 2nd pic, screwed into the throttle chamber.. looks like a long nut, then above it or to the left the shorter "nut" both are iacv/ficd solenoids.. if that helps, try pulling up pics with pt#'s 16196-12G00 16196-12G02
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My '86.5 did not originally have one of those gizmos. It was the thingamajig that raised the idle when the AC was on.
When I bought the truck, it had a later model throttle body that did have that gizmo, but the 6-pin connector had no place for it to plug in. (The '87 had an 8-pin connector) So the PO had simply left those wires disconnected and re-used the 6-pin TB connector shell.
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This should help.
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