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Originally Posted by Midnight Tech View Post
Still chasing my crazy charging issue. Can't understand why voltmeter isn't showing proper status and temp gauge goes high when headlights are on. Thinking it may be either a flaky ground or possibly the temp sender going bad.
Maybe the diode bridge is failing and sending out some AC volts instead of pure DC.

I had that happen once and it made the fuel light come on.
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Your Fluke Voltmeter or the Voltmeter in the dash?
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The one in the dash, jp2code.

Think I got it figured out, Reserector. All indications pointed to an inadequate ground, so yesterday I checked the 2 that are in the kick panels for the headlights, wipers, etc. Those were clean and tight. Looked this evening and found another at the base of the steering reservoir. Pulled and cleaned it, and also cleaned the blade terminal on the temperature sending unit, which had a nice buildup of corrosion on it.
One of the items I did today seemed to solve the problem.
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