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Default Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure Tutorial

I finished off the taping by masking off all other areas where I didn't want the resin to be. Some resins are thin and will drip. It's easier to take the time to do this step instead of try to clean it up later.

After taping everything off I used some 3m spray glue to put down aluminum foil.

After the foil was glued it was time to apply some mold release (carnuba wax) and start laying layers of fiberglass and resin. I like to either cut of pull apart the fiberglass matt. It makes it easier to work with and won't sag due to the weight of one piece. I think I did 4 layers of matt.

After everything had dried I took the piece out, trimmed it to the size I wanted and cut my side, top and bottom pieces.

I don't have a picture of the whole step here but I cut out some flush mount speaker rings and secured them with wooden dowels and evercoat everglass. I also cut out the plate for the amps to sit behind. I then stretched grille cloth over the entire project using plenty of staples to keep everything tight. Must be pulled tight! You can also use fleece for this.

I think I used 4-5 layers of matt on the front. Once dried it shouldn't flex. If it does they you need to add more. This was after it dried and I used a grinder to knock down high spots and take the gloss off for filler.

I then used Evercoat Everglass for my first coat of filler sanded with a da sander. This is just for rough shaping. After that I used Evercoat Rage Gold filler. 3m Marson Plus or Platinum Plus are great fillers too. I recommend spending the money on the good stuff. Cheap filler doesn't sand well. I shaped everything with 80 grit with sanding blocks by hand. I knocked off the high edges with a da sander with 80 grit before hand sanding.

If you are covering with vinyl or carpet you are ready! If you are painting there are a few more steps. Here I applied some Evercoat Slick Sand. I used 180 grit to smooth it out before applying a 2k primer. Slick sand is a polyester primer used for high build. A must when going for a perfect finish.

After sanding with 500 grit I applied the paint and clear. I then went over the enclosure with some 1500 and 3000 grit wet sandpaper before buffing/polishing. This is the final result.

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