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Originally Posted by VOTS95 View Post
I bought the cam seals from the dealer and gave them to the machine shop to put in the head after the valve job. I also got the crank seal, timing belt and several coolant hoses from the dealer.

I replaced as many of the coolant, vacuum, emissions and fuel lines that I could. I had to go to several auto parts stores and Amazon to get everything I needed.

My truck was missing the knock sensor so I'm curious if it will run better/get better fuel mileage. It was too hot today to work on it, maybe tomorrow. Use the zip-ties to hold the t-belt in place.

Did the shop do a full or partial rebuild?
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Today I managed to get snag an extra set of wheels. They've just been sitting in the back of an old dilapidated datsun truck by where I work. I was going to offer the owner $50 for them and he told me to just take them. The paint on them is shot and the tires are all dry rotted from sitting for so long but I thought it would be neat to have an extra set of wheels lying around. They'll fit, they have the same pattern and the tires are 195/65r14. I've never tried sanding/painting anything with much success so maybe this would be a good place to start.
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Originally Posted by kellybig View Post
Did the shop do a full or partial rebuild?
Just the heads. I thought about a full rebuild and even got some quotes but decided the cylinders looked good enough. Both heads cost $550 to have done.

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GaBluD214X4: That's a nice truck you have. After seeing the interior picture, my first thought was...

Ditch that bench seat for a pair of nice buckets first chance you get. Then install a center console or at least the cupholder setup. Just a thought.

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Zip-tied the top of the shift boot to the shifter where it's split. At least the odors from under the truck can't come in that way now!
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