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Default question for those with tinted windows

did the installer remove the glass from the doors when they installed the tint? I was told when you half-roll the window down on a hardbody that the window tilts a little exposing this "untinted" strip if you dont remove the glass.

anyone have this phenomenon?
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99% of installation shops do NOT remove the windows to install tint. TIME IS MONEY. Pulling windows is a waste of time.

You will always have about a 1/4" of clear glass around the tint. If it went to the edge of the glass you have a better chance of the tint grabbing the run channel and start peeling off.
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I HAD my windows removed after a paint job, I took them to a pretty well known tint/graphics guy. He said he preferred that the windows were installed before tinting. It did not make sense to me, but "WHADDA i KNOW?".
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I've seen some really good tint guys that don't leave the strip and some that do. I think it all depends on their skill and the tools/templates at their disposal.
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The window tilts away from the rear-frame on my truck about halfway down and exposes a small sliver of the glass where it's not tinted. As pointed out above, the tint needs a border along the outside to help prevent peeling off.

I've had many vehicles tinted here in Phoenix. If the tint installer told me they were going to remove the window, I'd find another shop to do the job.

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Originally Posted by VOTS95 View Post
I've had many vehicles tinted here in Phoenix. If the tint installer told me they were going to remove the window, I'd find another shop to do the job.
I had a shop tint the windows in my 1970 VW in the 1970s, and on my 1988 Mazda truck in the 1990s, also in Phoenix.

No door windows were removed, but on the Mazda Cab Plus the two rear side pop-open windows were removed for the tinting film install, just a couple of screws (I watched).
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I've done a few vehicles' tint. Precut film-kits are for sale on eBay, and lots of good how-to videos are on Youtube. Research your state's minimum transmittance (often 35% or so) before ordering. Don't tint the windshield, except sometimes a strip along the top is legal.

Double-curved windows, like some other vehicles' rear glass, requires shrinking the film with a heat gun, and that was no fun. Otherwise, they are largely just a big decal.

{I've never looked closely, but my truck likely has factory tinted glass due to the A/C. But it is not that dark a tint.}
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The guys that do all my tint for me do not remove the glass. They also don't leave a strip around the edges. They did my old Yaris and have also tinted my MB E350 and the D21. They'll be tinting the MB 190D when I'm a bit further along in that project.
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