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Default The end of one D21, and the beginning of another...

Hello- this is Gordon, from Kennesaw GA.

I've been around Nissan trucks in one shape or form, for quite a few years- the first one was a 1973 620 that my Dad bought and kept for many years- and which I drove in college for a while in the 1980s. That was a great truck- got astonishingly good gas mileage, and it could be fixed with the proverbial hammer, pliers and screwdriver. Nothing could kill it. My dad bought it for $500, kept it for over a decade, and sold it for $500, again. The guy who bought it, is probably still driving it somewhere in South Georgia, I'd bet...

The next one, was a 1989 D21 king cab SE-V6 that a friend of mine bought from the original owner in 1995, and I then bought from him in 2006. That was pretty much my daily driver for the last fourteen years- it was a WORK TRUCK in every sense of the word. There's no end to the things that were hauled in that truck- construction supplies, gravel, 1000+ lbs. of pro audio amp racks, speaker enclosures (I am an owner of a pro-audio lighting and sound company), high-end home-audio tube amps with a retail value of 100x the value of the truck (no kidding!), you name it. It wasn't pretty, but it was indestructible, and it was mine. However, in the beginning of July, a tree in our backyard decided it didn't want to be vertical any more- and landed almost exactly squarely lengthwise down the entire length of the truck- caving in the roof, and just destroying the windshield, rear window and the camper shell. Here's a picture of it, with the optional tree still installed:

I was just devastated.

This truck was like an old friend- and it was beyond useful- it was pretty much VITAL to a lot of things that I do. How do I pick up a load of plywood from Home Depot? How do I take a load of remodeling junk to the dump? How do I go pick up a new speaker set for my pro-sound business?

It took me a while to get the resources together to replace it (I wasn't carrying comprehensive insurance-only liability- and the whole economy being slow due to this damned virus doesn't help either)- but I decided that the only thing for me, was ANOTHER D21. And boy, I lucked out.

Bought it from the son of the original owner, who inherited it a few years ago when the father passed away. And, the son just happened to be a Nissan Master Technician at the dealership where it was bought from- and who, until just recently when he retired, did all the service work on it, since it was new. I mean, if there was such a thing as a "time capsule D21"- this is close to it. Other than a tiny bit of parking lot rash, it's almost NEW looking- 25 years after being built!

And, I didn't just luck out once- but TWICE:

Since I carry a lot of stuff in the back of a truck- I wanted another camper shell. I was looking around, and was just about convinced that I'd have to either drive half-way across the country to find one, or go without- I remembered this little place near where I used to live, that sold new and used truck accessories. So, I went there. When I drove up, the guy who owns the place was putting the finishing touches on a camper shell installation on another truck- and I saw him look over at my truck- then he did a double-take...

When I got out- he said "I hope you're looking for a camper shell for that truck!". I replied "Yes, but why?". He said "Follow me!"- we went to the back of his lot, and sitting right there, was a Leer camper shell for a Nissan D21 king cab- in EXACTLY THE SAME COLOR as my truck.

What the ^&%& is the chance of that happening????

It was more than I planned to pay for it- but I thought- where the *%^& would I EVER find another one that was not just a match, but an EXACT match?

So, I'm now getting accustomed to this truck. It's got one or two quirks, that I need to figure out- but overall, it's almost like being transported back to 1995, in terms of how it looks and feels. I don't exactly know what to think, about having what amounts to having a like-new 25 year old vehicle...

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Welcome, will we get to see pictures?
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Welcome to IN.
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Now I have the pictures. Nice tree, I hope you cut it into many small pieces, burnt those pieces, and then peed on the ashes. The green KC is nice too. Very nice. Keep her away from any evil trees.
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Awesome story, welcome to infamous Nissan!
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thats great man, its seems as though fate was destined to be. congrats! and Welcome!
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