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Nunya, in 28 and I'll totally be grouchy about people in your over 50 thread!
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nunya (09-05-2020)
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Originally Posted by Deerhurst View Post
Nunya, in 28 and I'll totally be grouchy about people in your over 50 thread!
Yeah, but will you use phrases like "back in MY day", "get off my lawn" or "you young whippersnappers"?
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glad everything is good! guy in fronmt of me on the interstate lost a door in his trailer and i had to slam on the brakes and down shift so it didnt hit me. really scary when you dont know what direction its going to go. and yeah SciFiGuy, it hit the road and the guy kept going..... i think he was in his 50s or higher....just saying haha
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Dude, that's ridiculous. Glad that it didn't damage your truck or cause you to crash.

Stuff like that is why I pass any time I see a pickup with stuff in the bed or a truck with a trailer when I'm on the bike. Just last week some dude's Yeti cooler full of beer and ice fell out in front of the bed of his truck in front of me. I was in the truck at that time luckily.
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I'm always more alert on the bike, but in this case I don't think I could have avoided it. Even if I stopped in my lane or on the shoulder, it would have still hit me. I might have had a chance on the dual sport, but not on the crotch rocket.

If I am following something like that, I usually stay waaaayy back. But when it is coming at you, there's nothing you can do. If I were simply standing in the road at that moment I would have been clobbered. Mattresses have enough weight to carry them a fair distance as they slide to a stop.

This is why I pray every day.
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Two days ago a guy passed me in a passing lane with a toyota pulling a huge loaded dump trailer. He was doing 15-20mph over and stuff was flying out left and right. Giant chunks of styrofoam, cardboard, wood, chunks of carpet...

I sped up to follow in case I had a chance to say something. He got out of sight and I came around a corner with a giant folded peice of cardboard covering the entire lane. Myself and the car behind me had to drive into the oncoming lane to avoid it.

Another mile I found him stopped at road construction. I put on my flashers as no one was behind me, got out and being in a bad mood already from something going on at my job I yelled at him that shit was flying out all over the road and walked back and picked up a 1x2 foot peice of styrofoam that had just fell out the gap between the gate and fender, showed him and stuffed it back in.
He was clueless younger guy didn't seem to care. He said "appreciate it" seemingly sarcastic like as I got back in my truck as the line started moving then after the road constrution he pulled over hopefully to secure stuff, but I'm not sure what he could do really without a tarp to cover it. Hopefully my yelling at him was at least somewhat memorable to stick in his mind for the future.

There was no license plate showing on the trailer either. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have a dump trailer like that without it being covered.

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This also reminds me of a story about the Night I bought my Nissan I was driving it home up a large grade. Not only was it the first day driving it but you may as well also call it the first day I was learning stick shift on a public road with hills by myself. I got up to 3rd gear and not being skilled at shifting yet I stayed in 3rd all the way up the grade and all the way home. The highway was also windy and around one of the bends. I came around one bend and there was a car accident with stuff all over the road that had just happened and I had to slam on the brakes.
There were already people helping, people behind me and I managed to get going again around them so I just kept driving home. That was the first moment I knew I made a good purchase.
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