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A couple of you have mentioned having the front of the truck higher, which helps. I use a spill-free funnel, do any of you?

Originally Posted by Cusser View Post
Yep: bad fan clutch. Because there's not much room to get the four nuts off without cutting your hands, wear mechanic's gloves or make a super-long 10mm combination wrench like I did.

By the way: I also have an O'Reilly fan clutch (lifetime warranty) from O'Reilly, and it's been fine.
Those nuts and the little washers are easy to lose! You have to find a way to stick them to your finger or hold them, and get them on. Cool wrench, by the way.
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Originally Posted by 89'HBV6 View Post
Can you give us a brief synopsis of what you've done, to this point?
- (helps to keep things clear/understood)
Thus far I have done a full coolant flush, replaced temp sensor, cleaned up sending unit because it was giving erratic readings, replaced fan clutch and checked radiator cap, radiator flow by noticing heavy flow out of drain plug when filled with water from the top. My thermostat reads in between halfway and 3/4 99% of the time. Only real noticeable action to affect this is by revving the engine for some reason, and not by a couple thousand rpms. I'm talking about jumping gears on the highway. Once this is done I see an almost immediate effect, leading me to believe its possibly due to gunked up waterpump. I also do not have the air intake assembly, as it was missing upon purchase. I'm thinking this could lead to slightly elevated tempatures? The air being sucked in is always hot. Considerations also include thermostat and waterpump, which would essentially be the entire coolant system redone:/
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Originally Posted by Thekill88 View Post
My thermostat reads in between halfway and 3/4 99% of the time.

In the range = in the range !!!! OK as long as it stays in the range and doesn't lose coolant !!!
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Default Same problem

I have been having some of the same problems Im going to put some head gasket seal stuff in it today and a new thermostat but heres my symptoms

White smoke on startup from exhaust

Over heating

Bubbling in coolant reservoir

Loss of power

Rough idling/running

Top radiator hose hot and bottom cool

Very small oil leak from front left driver side corner of head gasket been there since before overheating
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Jzcob, your problem sounds like a blown head gasket.

@TheKill88: Did you ever replace the thermostat?
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