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Originally Posted by XoXSciFiGuy View Post
If you are going to use some type of sealer, don't use the permanent type. Believe it or not, I like using 90W gear oil on the threads and leaving it at that. The reason is because if you have to take it out later, it will come loose much easier. But there isn't much pressure behind these sensors, so traditional sealer really is not needed.
They shouldn’t need much of anything. I do the same, just smear a little lithium grease on new parts before install. Some of these sensors end up being a dissimilar metal situation so gotta have something there.
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Originally Posted by Jordanbsg View Post
Hi, new to the site! My temp gauge on my 96 V6 is not working. Where did you get the new parts from ? Looking to replace mine as well in the near future.
I got both the temp gauge sensor and ECU coolant temp sensor from Rock Auto but I had issues with both. The one for the gauge didn't work at all. The computer threw a code for the coolant sensor. Maybe I just got unlucky. But I ended up putting my old ones back in. The gauge worked before it just showed low when heated up. My original coolant sensor never threw a code I was replacing it because I thought it might have been bad for another issue I was having. I tested my old coolant sensor before reinstalling and it tested good.

I would test your gauge sensor circuit before replacing the sensor to make sure you don't have a problem there. The gauge temp sensor only has one wire. Unplug the wire from the sensor and rig up some wire to connect it to chassis ground. When that wire is grounded your gauge should be pegged past hot on the gauge.
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I once used thread sealer on my VDO oil pressure sensor and the gauge itself started going whacko. I removed the sensor to clean the threads and the gauge went back to normal after installation.
The sealer was causing a bad ground.
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