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Default Z24i chain rattle. Immediate danger?

So as it turns out my z24i does seem to have some chain rattle. Not Everytime it starts but more times than not. And usually just for a second before oil pressure hits. But sometimes the oil pressure hits and oil lights off and i still kinda here it rattle? Alittle throttle and it goes right away. My question is. Is this a repair that needs to be immediate or can it say wait till summer to do it? If rather not tear it down in winter. It is my daily at the moment. Running 5w30 and a Nissan filter.
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Switch to 10w-30 and it will go away, for a little while...
I always thouight 5w-30 was a tad thin.

It sounds like the plastic guides, mine rattled for about a year before I changed it.

When you buy - buy Altrom (ATM) - they are the parent company for OEM stuff and you SHOULD get an Osaka timing chain (Good stuff). The cheapo aftermarket will rattle and the chain will be sloppy.

They are a tad more expensive but cry now, not later.
Also may as well buy a new water pump, and PCV valve while you are in there.

Not sure if Z24i is the same as the KA24 but likely has the same things...
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