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Default EGR Valve

In trying to replace my head gasket on my 1988 D21, I managed to break my EGR valve (EXHAUST GAS RE-CIRCULATION VALVE 710-80W00). Looking around new ones are in the order of $100. Any ideas where I might get a used one? What would be the downside if I just plugged this valve? Any performance issues? The part that broke was housing where the tube from the exhaust manifold connects into it (used too big of a wrench).
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In some states, you must have the EGR valve for emissions purposes but i don't think there are any performance issues to be gained/lost if its on or off. A junkyard might be a cheap place to find one. If you go that route, clean it really good with some carb and choke cleaner and make sure the diaphram slides up and down easily, and when installed and with the engine running... it should want to make the engine hesistant and almost stall.
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Other than "cleaning up" the engine bay there is no advantage, and a slight disadvantage as unlike a lot of "emissions stuff" the EGR actually improves fuel economy while cruising at steady speeds (the only time it's active).

By introducing already burned exhaust gases into the intake it reduces combustion chamber temperatures (already burned gases cannot burn again). Along with reducing oxides of nitrogen emissions this lowered combustion temperature also allows more advanced timing, which improves overall engine efficiency.
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@markerhead. this is in the wrong section buddy you will have better luck posting in the engine and drivetrain section.
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In the US....tis illegal to not have one, as it is illegal to tamper w/smog controls.

I've seen lots of posts saying that you get more power w/one. Horse doo-doo, or toro poo-poo. Introducing an inert gas, that does not burn (exhaust) in to the combustion chamber reduces the pressure in the chamber which reduces the production of Nitrides (its main purpose) and thereby reduces power.

Or maybe it can be splained to me (a quote from Ricky Ricardo).
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