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If it were me, I would drop the oil pan and check the play in the crank rod bearings. Each cylinder.

You can change those from under the truck if you find one that has spun or is really loose, and ate up, as long as the crank is not scarred up bad.

If you keep riding it with that knock, you could damage the crank, and then your talking full tear down and rebuild.

Video of how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgS77zw-rmw

Cursing in the video. ��

Your truck being a 4x4 may be tricky dropping the oil pan. At least Hardbody 4x4 owners say the Hardbody 4x4's are a pain to drop the pan.
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So Further update. Still going strong. Been putting on about 250miles a week. Towed with it more as well. Noise is the same as the day i got it. Not sure what it is, but I'm doubting the bottom end is the culprit. I feel like something would have let go, or at least worsened.

Honestly I COULD pull the pan, but the local junk yard gets in so many xterras I can always get a used engine with a 30day warranty so I dont see the point in tearing into this one. It'll work till it don't.
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Yeah the 4x4 trucks have the front diff in the way. It is easy to remove, a bitch to reinstall. So in my book, diff removed = swapping the engine. It is just too big of a pain for any other reason.

Free tip of the day - loosen the engine and trans mounts. Lift the engine. It will make the diff removal tons easier. It is a very tight fit with the engine resting on the mounts. Even if you only raise it an inch it will matter. That little goodie came from my first hand experience wrestling around with that heavy oblong differential.
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