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Originally Posted by alabama_lowlife View Post
$110 doesn't sound bad depending on where they start running the new pipe.

You can get factory style replacement parts that are prebent, but they're basically a stock replacement, not performance.
If they're a good shop, this would be my choice. Some jobs are left to the pros.

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doubt yer gonna beat 110 doing it yourself......cat back assy is 150
89 regular cab, plain as it gets with a z-24 and posi's
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I know this is several years later, but I figured Id reply what I just did with my exhaust. I just welded two fire extinguishers together to make a stack and used the 90 and the end as a turn up towards the stack. Sounds pretty mean and costs however much you can buy old extinguishers for.
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Originally Posted by JRBurns22 View Post
I know this is several years later, but I figured Id reply what I just did with my exhaust.
LOL... Yep!

Welcome to IN, Mr Burns. Ya know that it actually takes PICs to show us our work, right? Please do share.

There is an album in your profile or share from your refered host. Please size the PICs to be 1024, on the longest side... Looking forward to...

. . . Factory Service Manuals: https://www.nicoclub.com/nissan-service-manuals
Originally Posted by Deerhurst
What he is saying is the aerodynamics of a D21 is a brick in the wind.
Probably at least as bad as a Jeep so worse than a cow.
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My guess is, that the shop will not delete the cat, being as it as illegal as can be to tamper with smog controls in the US.

You could have them do a cat-back and gut your cat.

Can you weld? If not...as Andy told Aunt Bee, "Pay the man."

Your truck does not need back pressure. No vehicle needs back pressure.

You PU is stock right? What are you looking for?

If you are looking for noise, go cat=back, and keep the stock 2-1 headpipe. Then, 2" is on the quiet side, but it will probably run best, w/that size exhaust. The Police Crown Vics had dual 2" pipes on them (4.6 v8).
I'd say 2 1/2 or 3" will sound best.

I have a Chamber muffler on mine, and a 2 1/2" cat-back. It is on there, because I got, used, from a muffler shop.

I like the sound of turbo mufflers better.

You could also go w/2" and a glass-pack....no bigger....although 2 1/2" would work...assuming that you go all the way to the rear bumper.
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